“I worked with Auriella and went through an intensive session to remove all my beliefs that were holding me back and making my life unpleasant. I tried working with the law of attraction but since I had too many beliefs that were not serving me well, I ended up with many internal conflicts. On one hand, I was doing what LOA taught but on the other hand, my internal beliefs kept creating inner chaos. It was a mess.

Colleen Bain

I was led to Auriella's teleseminars and then really felt led to work with her with the belief removing sessions. Well, that was LIFE Changing.

Within days of completing her session, people starting interacting with me differently. Even my hubby - which is awesome! Life seems pleasant to me now. There is no more heaviness on me. I am moving forward in life while adjusting to my new "energy".

Within a month of working with Auriella, wonderful help has been making its way to me to help me be on the right path for me. ” —Colleen Bain, Enhanced Learning Skills for Kids

“That one session set me on fire, as my life has certainly been empowered in the last several years.” —Arlene, California

"I did want to tell you about the amazing changes in energy I had in relation to myself and my relationship with my husband...and continue to have. First the difference in how I think, feel and view myself has turned a complete 180 degrees. Everyday I look in the mirror and instead of harsh judgments I truly feel love for myself (which I have never truly experienced). I feel understanding and compassion and I don't feel the need to berate myself.

In reference to my personal relationship...I cannot even began to tell you about all the changes that have occurred, for the better with my husband. My husband is a wonderful and caring man... and even more so now. We are more focused on our goals and life together...rather than separately. In the past 18 years of marriage it has always felt like it was my life and his life and that we never really had a "our life" together...until now. He also had this
constant need to "run away" to solve his and our problems and now it seems we are both able to sit and discuss them and solve them together. Just like a real partnership! I could go on and on but ultimately I will tell you that this is the marriage I have been waiting for the past 18 years. THANK YOU THANK YOU!

I also want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your gift with me and that I truly feel blessed to have met you. I know now there were many reasons that I came to Pagosa Springs (Colorado) and to meet you was one of the highlights and something I will never forget. Thank you again for what you do and the amazing spirit and person you are." —Amy Kuehl, Colorado

"My perspective on life, on myself really, continues to be positive. To sum it up, it is such a relief not to have negative thoughts pouring through my brain.

My energy with everyone in my life, from husband, to kids, to my horses, and simply people in general is great and it is the first time in years that I have enjoyed going back to work. I am more patient with my students (7th graders can be challenging!!!) and have a better sense of humor when things don't go the way I think they should.

Thank you. That brief encounter in time with you has profoundly affected the rest of my time as a human being." —Jane, Nebraska

"First of all, thank you!!  The changes in my life are pretty amazing.  First of all with my horses.  There’s a new leader in town apparently...me!  I haven’t been on either of my horses for 2 years.  Yesterday I sat on my gelding!  That’s huge for me!  Things with the horses are coming so much easier than ever before.  

And in my life and relationships...the same thing is happening there.  The other thing that I notice in myself besides being able to breathe better, is the energy I have and how good I’m feeling.  I can’t get over it.  Day after day I just am amazed at what I can get done and feel like doing.  Auriella, this is fantastic to me...what a life change!  I feel like I went through a physical healing.  I think I did!   I’ve always heard and kind of known how your mind can empower or imprison you, and I’m living proof of both.  Thank you!" —Barabara, Colorado

"I can't thank you enough for how you have helped me.  You are truly a special person and I am so glad I met you."

"Today I rode Vegas and my fears were gone.  My leadership and fun was way up!  I can't thank you enough!"

"I have been truly feeling amazing : free, peaceful , and happy , thank you so much..."

"I'm feeling great. As you know I felt like my biggest challenge was about my relationships with men in general. Since the session I feel a lot more relaxed around men.”

"If it was not for my session with you, I would not have received my one star. Thank you so much."