Consciously Creating Classes

The Art of Consciously Creating

Many people speak of the Universal Laws for manifesting. There are 7 laws or 11 laws. There is the Law of Attraction. That your thoughts create.

Yes, there are these Laws, but what you have not been told is that there is One Principle upon which all these laws are contingent. This One Principle is the apex of everything. When you know, understand, and embrace this One Principle then all the laws fall into place naturally.

With this One Principle you understand the true source of your creating energy and how to most effectively use your creating energy.

Yes, I have manifested in my life the house, the car, the money that I wanted plus healed several health conditions. I have also manifested weather conditions, teaching in Europe, being a guest presenter at a specific corporate account, and a profitable multi-million dollar electronics company among many other things.

But what is more important than what I have manifested in my life is what you manifest in your life. Of the people who have attended my internationally taught Create and Empower Your Life Workshop, 97% of them successfully manifested in their lives what they wanted within 30 days.

This tele-class, The Art of Consciously Creating, is based on the material I teach in my Create and Empower Your Life Workshop.

Here is some of what you will learn in this class:

  • What it means to be a Conscious Creator
  • The One Principle
  • How to use and embrace the One Principle in your life
  • How to direct the power of your creating energy
  • How to consistently increase your creating energy
  • How to manifest anything that you desire to have or experience
  • The influence and directing of your thoughts
  • The power of beliefs
  • How to tell that your manifestation is going to happen

The Art of Consciously Creating class includes

  • Four 60 minute recorded class calls
  • PDF file for class document

The price for this class download is only $47.


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Look forward to helping you transform your life in any area by giving you the tools and knowledge on how to powerfully consciously create your life and quickly manifest!

Enjoy! And let me know if you have any questions or comments!
Thank You,