Auriella O'Neill About Auriella

As a very small child, I had a clear knowing that the mind is very powerful. It wasn't until later in my life when as a partner in an electronics company that I really understood and experienced the power of the mind when it is directed and focused. As co-owner, corporate officer, and Vice President of Marketing and Sales, the sales revenues for my service electronics company grew from annual sales of $50,000 to $3.4 million in just several years. I also used the technique of focused mind in finding buyers for the company within two weeks without advertising it for sale.

I have made an indepth study of using the mind in a powerful conscious way and the spiritual relationship in consciously creating and manifesting. The results of these studies have been used in many areas of my life from physical healings to physical manifestations.

To my students and clients, I bring an understanding of the importance the role spirituality has in manifesting, how to powerfully direct and focus thoughts in consciously creating in their life, and how to completely Release and Replace limiting beliefs. As a result of my teachings, coaching, and mentoring in my Consciously Create Success program, The Spirituality of Manifesting class, and Create and Empower Your Life Workshop as well as other programs and classes, my international clientele enjoy a 97% success rate of manifesting what they desire to have within 30 days.

I am also a guest teacher at the Parelli International Study Centers and assist their students in their Confidence in Riding program with releasing their beliefs and fears.

My greatest gift and service is in assisting others in being inspired and empowered in their life by helping them be powerful Conscious Creators, realizing their inner spiritual power, and releasing their limiting beliefs and fears.

Thank you! I look forward to hearing from you and assisting you.

"When you join the spiritual with the physical,
mental, and emotional, the magic of creating happens.